Sourcing at Litt Concept House

Join us on an enchanting journey across Europe with the Litt Concept House family. Experience our passion-driven adventure as we delve into the rich tapestry of European history, sourcing unique and luxurious antique furniture. Our quest takes us through picturesque landscapes and into the heart of historical towns, where we seek out the rarest and most exquisite 18th & 19th Century pieces.

With each step, we forge deep connections with local artisans and collectors, ensuring that every piece we select is not only of exceptional quality but also steeped in storied heritage. This commitment to authenticity and excellence is at the core of what we offer our customers.

But this journey is more than just a quest for antiques; it's a family tradition. Now in its second generation, Litt Concept House is a family affair, blending the wisdom of experience with the enthusiasm of youth. As we traverse Europe, we're not only discovering treasures for our store but also passing down our love and knowledge of antiques to the next generation.

This video is a window into our world – a world where history, beauty, and family come together to offer you unparalleled treasures for your home. Join us and experience the passion and dedication that makes Litt Concept House a unique destination for luxury, yet affordable, antique furniture.

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