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Founded in 1973 (re-imagined by the second generation in 2021), Litt Concept House is an inventive family business specializing in luxury antique furniture and home decor. Based in Los Angeles, California, we design, build, and travel the world to create the most unique finds. We are direct pickers of pieces that thoughtfully fill your surroundings and add joy to your life. 

Re-Imagined Upholstery

We love to re-imagine new and antique pieces with custom upholstery.  With our in-house collection of vintage fabrics we create one-of-a-kind furniture for your home or project. 

Awesome New Find - Oversized Ball & Claw Wing Chairs

The ball and claw design was popular in England throughout the first half of the 18th century. The design was likey derived from the Chinese, mimicking a dragon's claw grasping a crystal ball. This was symbolic of the dragon, or emperor, guarding the ball, which stood for wisdom and purity, from evil forces trying to steal it.

Check out this beautiful pair of 19th century ball & claw wing chairs with down seats and bleached hand carved legs & feet. Incredible works of art you can sit on.

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