Founded in 1973 (re-imagined by the second generation in 2021), Litt Concept House is a destination for inspiration where history and design intersect. We're a neighborhood place to discover beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces and collectables for your home that are rich in history and sourced all over the world.

A Necessary Pivot

Over the past decade, the furniture industry has shifted into mass-manufactured and fast casual furniture, which means more waste and over saturation (le sigh). Not to mention, a joyful retail experience is hard to find. But, we're here to take the space back to its roots, with a relevant twist of course, by re-imagining Mitchell Litt Home and creating a new experience "Litt Concept House". With a nod to our family history, an eye for quality antiques, dedication to sustainability, and vision for how we live today. Litt Concept House is focused on providing an inspiring design and retail experience.

Kevin & Dina

Our History

A family who travels together, stays together. The Litt family has traveled the world for fifty years, antiquing in over 35 countries! As direct importers, they went on too many buying trips to count. With weekly shipments coming into their retail store, "Mitchell Litt Home" always had something new for customers and designers to discover. The couple worked together 7 days a week, passionately growing their successful namesake business. Fortunately, their eldest son had the privilege (at the time, more like "obligation") to join his parents on these trips for well over half of those years. Naturally, after watching his parents, his interest and eye for seeking out beautiful antiques and objects developed. With the opportunity at such a young age, he created a career for himself in furniture design, manufacturing, and retail. Kevin has owned and operated factories, overseen all aspects of manufacturing, and developed and designed products. Together with his wife, he is excited to carry on the Litt family legacy into this new venture.

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