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What is an amazing holiday party without the perfect cocktail to kick things off? Here is Dina's favorite starter cocktail – The Duchess.

Delight your holiday guests with this fun, seasonal take on a French 75 from Caitlin Chapman of @caitlynconfidential.

Whether you’re planning to host parties this season or preparing for relatives and friends to visit for the holidays, we have tips to help you and your guests embrace the abundance harvest season evokes.
Enjoy making this fall-inspired cocktail that your guests (and you) will love!

Our antiques are hand picked directly from the source. As you go through our collection, you will notice our wide range of pieces, from tables hand-carved by Bernese monks to dressers that lived in English castles before making their way to your home. 


Antiques are often thought of as investment pieces b/c they have an almost endless life-cycle. Truly, they are as green as it gets b/c nothing is being newly produced. In other words, no trees have been cut down for 100+ years when you buy one of our one-of-a-kind pieces.🌿

We like to call it "granny chic"... re-imagining our antiques to bring out their best. Our careful bleaching process may take months but it's worth the wait. A lighter version on an heirloom brightens a home in such a special way. 


One of our favorite eras, Mid-Century Modern furniture, the clean lines, gentle curves, and organic shapes. This style originated mid-20th century hence its name but thanks to its elegant simplicity and timeless aesthetic. 


Talk about mixing old and new, we are constantly re-imaging antiques with new or vintage fabrics to give them that modern feel. 

Whether it's a dark antique carved French / Flemish throne chair lightened up to feel less serious with a new indigo backing adding a laid-back attitude upholstered in a Clarence House Damask to add to all the character.  OR an antique daybed freshened up with a linen Belgium fabric, we can dream it up for you. 


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