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About The Program

Thank you for your interest in the Litt Trade Program. We love partnering with designers, architects and entertainment studios to create one-of-a-kind furniture and exquisite pieces for all your upcoming projects. Think of us as the cherry on top of your already-incredible vision. We travel the world to stay inspired and discover the most unique treasures to re-imagine. With your skills and our expertise, we look forward to transforming your space, whether that be a modern home, office, or commercial space.

From antique bars in Scotland, fireplace mantels that we've dusted off from Parisian homes, vintage office doors, originally upholstered furniture, objects that you will obsess over and beyond, our in-house workshop & design team are available to transform our unique finds to fit your vision.

We provide a price guarantee, in addition to your design discount, so you can educate your clients on the LCH value. As direct importers, designers & manufacturers, we are the leaders in this space, offering unparalleled prices, quality, and a one-of-a-kind experience.

Inspiration & Discovery

Naked Furniture

We've stripped away original fabrics on antique pieces so you can add your vision + custom fabric.


We've been known to fall in love with Scottish bars, Parisian fireplaces, doors that hung in castles, stain-glass that held churches together and crate them up and ship them back. Schedule a showing of these pieces and we'll help you re-imagine + restore these pieces for your projects.

Reimagined Antiques

We bleach, restore, re-image for the modern home so you can add that statement piece of history to your project.

Layered Walls

One-of-a-kind Art and Mirror walls are our specialty

Objets to Obsess

Copper Pots, Antique Platters, Candle Sticks, Candles, Ceramics, Rugs

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