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The Classic Cocktail

Special for that guy in your life that takes his booze super seriously.  Unfortunately, today we're forced to drink alone, but who cares when you're drinking booze out of something this original? Comes with book Los Angeles Cocktails - Spirits in the City of Angels.  That should certainly come in handy when we're back at it.

English oak 19th Century Tantalus.  A highly decorative interior with three hobnail cut square decanters with faceted ball stoppers and a mirrored back and a cribbage board mount.  The fall flap compartment in front is fitted with three useful brass trays above an underlying drawer.  The exterior is oak adorned with hand hammered iron decorative hardware. 

A Tantalus is customarily a small wooden cabinet that would contain two or three decanters behind lock and key.  The aim was to stop unauthorized people from drinking the contents (in particular, "servants and younger sons getting at the whisky") while still allowing either the beautiful cabinet or bottles to be on show.  The name "Tantalus" is a reference to the unsatisfied temptations of the Greek mythological character by the same name.

Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 13 H
Circa 1870

Dimensions: 13 x 9 x 13.5

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