2024 Style Forecast

2024 Style Forecast | Antiques | Sustainability | Upholstery
As we head into 2024, we've been busy looking ahead at what trends we're excited about and it very much feels like a year of change but with an old-school twist. We're seeing a heavy emphasis on rustic woods and natural decor but also traditional/transitional styles coming back.

Here's a look at our style forecast for 2024:

Rustic & Moody

Rustic & Moody | Antiques
Dark and moody is the statement of the year – combining moody paint colors and darker upholstery. Chunky brutalist pieces and Danish Modern natural pieces bring in texture and warmth, creating a cozy atmosphere.


Fresh Traditional

Fresh Traditional | Antiques
Traditional is back, but it's getting a fun makeover. We're seeing classic elements come back but with a fresh twist – ornate furniture complimenting eclectic layouts and feeling toned down and casual like modern interiors.


Layering in Nature

Layering in Nature | Antiques

Nature is making its way indoors this year with more natural elements like Elm woods in pieces like oversized bookshelves and larger tables as a featured element in a room. We're loving ceramic pots this season and incorporating plants more heavily than before.


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