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The Artists

Erin Hammond

American painter Erin Hammond engages the art historical genres of Abstract and Neo-Expressionism. Alternating layers of pencil, charcoal, oil and acrylic; Erin experiments in color and calligraphic scribble. Hammond tends to focus on the roughness of line and the immediate processes of painting, she says “We are unfinished beings, in the process of completion. My paintings reflect that concept as I overlap with paint and pencil lines, overworking some areas and leaving other areas unfinished or obsolete”. Hammond uses the unfinished elements of her aesthetic to explore the radical fascist fashion of idealized perfection in humanity. Hammond focuses on the inner versus outer experiences.

Erin lives with her son in Los Angeles.

Tricia Taper

Tricia Taper is a visual artist born in South Carolina. Taper was trained in photography at The University of Southern California and her love for being in the water sparked underwater photography and fine art.

Taper is based in the Pacific Palisades and is well known for her incredible moving maternity shoots. Family is everything to her and her art reflects this.

Litt Concept House

We’re a small + sustainable second generation family-run business based in Sherman Oaks, California specializing in furniture and all things decor. We design, manufacture, and travel the world to bring you the most unique finds. Think of us as your curated, one-stop shop for one-of-a-kind antiques and modern, hand-picked pieces that thoughtfully fill your surroundings and add joy to your life.

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