American painter Erin Hammond engages the art historical genres of Abstract and Neo-Expressionism. Hammond experiments in color and calligraphic scribble. Focusing on the roughness of line and the immediate processes of painting. “We are unfinished beings, always evolving and in the process of completion. Each piece a rigorous abstraction of shape and form overlapping with paint and pencil lines, overworking some areas and leaving other areas unfinished or obsolete”. Exploring the radical fascist fashion of idealized perfection in humanity and science. Hammond focuses on the inner versus outer experiences.

Working with Erin, we envisioned a new type of art together.  Modern originals painted directly onto antique forms - merging the old and new.

Erin took a 19th Century English desktop pine box and painted on the top with her acrylic paint.  A piece of art that is useful that can sit by your bedside or on your desk to store your stuff.

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