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Antiques Are The New Green


Not only have dozens of network shows demonstrated a zeal for refurbishing vintage and restoring antique furniture to growing public enthusiasm over the past few years, but eco-conscious and sustainability-minded buyers have also latched on. From high-design to country chic, antiques offer any aesthetic and style quality, heritage furniture without the messy, harmful impacts to personal health or the health of the planet. It is unsurprising that support for the #AntiquesAretheNewGreen movement has grown so significantly over the past two years, especially with so many cooped up homeowners and renters looking to switch up their decor during unprecedented Stay-at-Home orders

Antiques are often thought of as investment pieces b/c they have an almost endless life-cycle. Truly, they are as green as it gets b/c nothing is being newly produced. In other words, no trees have been cut down for 100+ years when you buy one of our one-of-a-kind pieces.🌿


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Antique Furniture is Sustainable and Green
Antique Furniture is Sustainable and Green

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